More Q & A

Whoa, the price for an item I really liked dropped overnight. Did it go on sale? 

Often, the suppliers will have changing promotions on their items and when they do, we pass on the savings directly to you! Act fast when you see a deal you can't pass up - once the promotion ends, it changes to the next price they set. 

To note: The LA Bag Lady's inhouse sales - our Bag Busters - will always have a sale tag. Look for those for even deeper deals!

But the next price that was set is higher than the one before the promotion. What happened?

That can end up being the case when a supplier had an initial discount on the item already, and then further deepened the discount during the promotion. The highest price they'll set is their standard supply price. Always check back - our suppliers offer great promotions regularly!

I found a rating slip and also a small gift in the bag. What do I do?

Our suppliers are popular and fulfill many orders. Sometimes, it's a smaller mom & pop operation and sometimes, it's in a more assembly-line like way. We give them freedom to offer their customer care and we'd love to hear about your experience with their service and the bags they supplied. There are many suppliers who would be happy to work with us so we take note of how well our supply partners are meeting our customers needs.   

My email says I have 5 days to confirm receipt and satisfactory item condition once tracking is marked delivered. Why is the window so short? And why can't I change my mind later?

After 5 days, the process to close the order with the supplier is finalized. This lets our supplier get back to doing a great job of shipping out the next customer's bags. It would be impossible to backtrack once we give them a thumbs up. If we don't receive a reply within this time period, we will assume all is well and proceed to completing the order. 

I received an email with the option of leaving product reviews and star ratings. Do I have to do this?

The product reviews are purely to help your fellow bag aficionados find their next favorite bag with confidence! This also helps us to identify the gems and the weeds, and to pluck out the latter. 

We just may offer perks to those who take the time to leave more detailed reviews and who show off photos of their new, awesome bag(s)! Hint, hint. ☺

- the LA Bag Lady